NDVI—Also known as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, which is a derived image from an infrared camera. NDVI takes the reflective light from the plant and ranks it on a scale from -1 to +1 value. When there is a higher amount of reflective light from the plant, NDVI then correlates with a healthier plant, as the chlorophyll in the plant is what the light reflects off (plants that are not healthy have a lack of chlorophyll, and therefore reflect less infra red  light). NDVI is a valuable tool for agriculture as it can be used to analyze crop health.


Using the 6 rotor UAV equipped with infrared camera for NDVI images.
Groundproofing NDVI image.

NDVI 1080.jpg

NDVI image showing healthy and unhealthy areas of a potato crop, with GPS coordinates for reference.

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